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We guarantee you the highest possible security for your retirement provision. With our fully comprehensive system, you will succeed in continuously and smartly benefiting from all the advantages of a rented property.

Our fully comprehensive system has the following advantages for you:

Rental insurance
Your rental income is constantly protected. We guarantee that you will continue to receive your rental income even if there is a change of tenant or a vacancy.

Financing hull
We provide financing that is personally tailored to you and cost-effective. With the help of our broad-based portfolio, we have access to over 400 partner banks and thus cooperate with the best financing experts.

Rental management hull
So you can sit back and relax, we take care of the administrative work. We handle all matters from the billing of operating costs, the tenant’s concerns to new leases.

Property management hull
We accompany you in the long term and sustainably. This includes, for example, communication with the property management as well as safeguarding your interests at the owners’ meeting.

Real Estate

The sale of real estate is the core of our business. When buying or selling or renting and leasing private or commercial real estate, you will receive our professional support.

We show you why investing in real estate is worthwhile, when you should start, how to find the right property and what to look out for.

Wealth accumulation is very stable with tangible assets such as real estate, as they are matched by a real value. Your assets increase in value over time due to tax benefits, inflation protection, rising rental income and low interest rates.

Through responsible, effective and individual support, we guarantee optimal cooperation. We enable you to enjoy the present and still be financially secure in retirement. Because it’s not just today that counts!

With Build Future Capital you get the optimal protection for your investment:

  • experienced and professional property management on site
  • Maintenance reserve formation and monitoring
  • Tailor-made financing concept
  • High value stability
  • Rent protection through rent guarantee/rent pool
  • Detailed customer support and outstanding service


Thanks to our broad portfolio, we can offer you the insurance that is tailored precisely to your wishes and needs. This eliminates the need for laborious comparison on your part. We take care of everything.

We cover insurance from the different areas of your life.

  • Real estate insurance, whether house or apartment
  • Health insurance, statutory and private
  • Risk and precautionary insurance
  • Retirement insurance
  • Liability and legal expenses insurance
  • Car & Vehicle Insurance
  • Pet insurance

We analyze the respective scopes of services for you in order to show them simply and transparently. In this way, we guarantee that each insurance policy meets your personal coverage needs.

Loans/construction financing

We offer you the possibility of credit financing, whether for private or commercial purposes. With the help of our more than 400 partner banks, we cooperate with the best financing experts.

Here we cover all types of financing. These include:

  • Construction financing
  • Personal loan
  • Debt rescheduling
  • Blank loan
  • Modernization loan
  • Credit free of credit

We guarantee our expertise in financing, for the acquisition or renovation of your property or construction project. In addition, we combine loans in order to be able to offer you individual solutions for your project.


Precious metals

We also accompany you with an investment in precious metals permanently until you reach your goal and beyond. In this way, we guarantee that everything that has to do with us is always optimally suited to your current situation.

We illustrate why an investment in precious metals is worthwhile. Financial market crises and unstable political conditions mean that monetary assets are always the first to lose value. This makes solid asset accumulation with monetary assets seem impossible.

By contrast, tangible assets are more stable because they have a real value. When investing in precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum or palladium, there are no short-term fluctuations in value due to the long-term investment. These investments thus ensure an increasing value of your assets.

Fixed cost optimization

We'll show you how to lower your monthly expenses. We focus on achieving savings in the energy sector, in gas and electricity, and in telecommunications, mobile communications or fixed networks.

Together we analyze your current situation and formulate your personal goal. On this basis, we review your expenses in order to subsequently achieve savings.
In addition, we support you in investing the saved fixed costs profitably for capital accumulation.

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